Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Newport and Polk County Fair

I have so much to report on but sadly, not very many pictures.
Just Keith and Austin went to Newport on Saturday, August 2nd as Kenne and I were in Santiam for the Junior and Teen Miss Rodeo Oregon pageant. Austin participated in rough stock events only so he would not have to trailer the horses. It is difficult for just one parent to manage events and horses so this was easier for all. He was signed up for bareback riding, bull riding and chute dogging.

He drew John Wayne again...they have been going rounds all season with John Wayne currently in the lead. At Newport, John Wayne nailed Austin again, stepping on his right forearm near his elbow. Austin began screaming and yelling and they thought that perhaps his arm was broken. Thankfully, no, but it was swollen and badly bruised and is still healing and yellow today. His chute dogging was immediately after his bareback ride and with his right arm temporarily out of commission, he had no choice but to forfeit that event. He nearly covered his bull but with his arm swollen and in pain it was difficult if not impossible to hold on and maintain his balance.
One week was off to Rickreall and the Polk County Fair. Austin divided his events between the morning and afternoon performances with calf tying, bareback and pole bending in the AM and chute dogging, bull riding and barrel racing in the PM.

Calf tying was a struggle and Austin was unable to get the calf down before time was up. As frustrating as that is, I believe that it is a learning experience for him and one that only makes him try harder next time. I love that he has so much perseverance and will come back and do it again, getting better every time.

Bareback was interesting to say the least. Austin and John Wayne met out on the dirt once again and John Wayne furthered his lead. He is one wiley pony that Austin is set on mastering. When John Wayne came down, after bucking Austin off, he caught Austin's chin (and helmet strap), throat and left collar bone area with his foot. All I saw was Austin sit up, grab his chest and throat and go back down! That was almost more than I could handle. When they called out the paramedics my heart sank. He was okay though and more determined than ever to get that horse. He was pretty banged up and had a helmet and chaps full of dirt but he would live to ride another day.

With pole bending left, Austin saddled up and headed out getting a nice clean run but not the best time he's ever had. Chazz is a phenomenal horse but not much of a rodeo star.

Austin had a break before he was expected to compete so we checked out the rodeo, he downed and Advil and away we went again. His first event was chute dogging. Now, this is where he gets in the chute with a young steer and when the gate swings open, has to grab his horns, stop him and bring him down. Not a job I would choose to undertake! This was his first time ever since he was unable to at Newport. He almost had him stopped a couple of times but didn't give up until he was on the otherside of the arena. He gave his all and looks forward to trying again in Philomath this weekend.
Next came bullriding...this is just not his year for this event. Off he went landing square on his lower back. While he was happy he didn't get stepped on, he was hurting from the pounding he took on his dismount. He will be riding bulls at Molalla on Saturday and will have another go at it in Philomath on Sunday.

Finally, before we knew it, he was up for barrel racing. Again, a nice clean run but just not enough speed.

Overall, it was a long weekend but he is ready to hit it hard again for the WVJRA and NYRA finals in Molalla and Philomath. Pray for safety and that he conqures that JW! Thank you so much to Mr. Billy Laird for his very generous donation and wishes of good luck! We could not help Austin chase his dreams without support! Thank you again :)
With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable. ~Thomas Foxwell Buxton
He flung himself upon his horse and rode madly off in all directions. ~Stephen Leacock

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